General Information


Practice Locations:

Kamiak High School

Harbour Pointe Middle School


Home Game Location: 

Kamiak High School


Purple, White,Black and Silver

Established: 2005

Mission & Goals....

"Our mission is to promote football in the Mukilteo Community by working as one with the High school and it's coaches."



Our goals:

  • To foster sportsmanship, team play, football skills and fundamentals, self esteem, discipline, and ethical behavior which will allow for future success in life as well as sport.

  • Fundamentals – Teach basic skills properly from the beginning.

  • Build Character – Play with class at all times. Show respect for your coaches, teammates and opponents.

  • Promote Responsibility – Academics come first. Work needs to be done before football.

  • Show Appreciation – Playing youth football takes commitment from many people (parents, family, coaches). Respect their commitment as well.

  • To prepare each player for high school athletics by teaching the rules, proper contact, safety techniques, and fundamentals (blocking,tackling, running etc;) of the game.

  • To promote the value of participation in youth football as a wholesome environment for the challenge of competition, the joy of victory,the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment, and the spirit of community and teamwork.

  • To promote safe play by requiring all players to play with children their own age as with all other youth sports.

Kamiak Youth Football is Feeder Program for Kamiak High School. We are a 501(c)3 program and a registered Non-profit with the state of Washington.


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