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Parents NEED to know info....



Whether you are a new parent to youth tackle football or a returning parent, often all the information, player and parent commitments, rules and busy schedules can result in a parent and player feeling overwhelmed. We understand this because we have all been there ourselves! We hope to relieve some of that stress by preparing you and your player with the information that is critical in this "Need to Know Info" section.



I registered my player for football, what should I expect next?

1) Mark your calendar for Important Dates on our website..

2) Make sure you have in your possession a copy of your childs birth certificate prior to the 1st day of practice. Your player cannot participate in the Jamboree or Games without a copy on file. No exceptions.

3) Check your emails and/or our website for updates and Announcements

4) Stay hydrated and get ACTIVE this summer!! Players have a month to condition before games but it is always a good plan to be active and exercise prior to practice beginning.


What Equipment is covered in the registration fees and what will I need to provide?

Kamiak Youth Football/MYS will PROVIDE: helmet, chin strap, standard issue mouth guard, shoulder pads,practice jersey,practice pants jersey, game pants and pads are provided with full payment of registration fees. The gear issue and fitting event(s) are mandatory attendance and we will have several dates available for you to attend beginning in mid July. You will be notified in advance by email.


NOT PROVIDED BY Mariner Jr Football/MYS: Football cleats & game day socks ( color TBD)


IMPORTANT: Once your helmet has been issued, please have your player wear this helmet for 15-30 minutes a day, prior to practice beginning, to get used to the feel and tightness of it. This is one of the biggest complaints from players the first few weeks, is the "helmet headache". This uncomfortable feeling should go away after intital break-in period. If not, please speak to your coach about this.


When will we receive our equipment?

 All MYS football camp attendees will receive gear in June before camp Stay tuned in for announcements on Gear Issue Dates. We will have Regular season suit ups in mid July.

Your account must be at minimum 50% to receive gear. If you are on the registration payment plan and are in good standing with your account, then you will receive gear. Must be 100% in full before Jersey issue!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!


Can I use my own equipment?

-Yes, however all equipment provided must be NOCSAE certified and kept current on re-certification. Documentation must be provided, which will be then be approved by KAMIAK YOUTH FOOTBALL before use. A Personal Equipment Waiver will need to be submitted, approved by KAMIAK YOUTH Football and documented prior to use on the field. This form can also be found in the FORMS section of our website.


What days and where will practices be held?

-Through the 1st month practices are Monday-Thurs typically 6:00-8pm. (Give or take a 1/2 hour). Then once school starts it goes down to 3 days a week (The practice days will be at the discretion of each Head Coach, except on fridays as no team practices). Emails will be sent within a week or two prior to practices starting and dates/times. Practices for Pee-Wee's are usually 2 hours in duration where the 89ers Juniors,Bantams and Senior Teams may practice 2-3 hours per day through August. Practices site is TBA.


What to expect at practice?

-BE ON TIME! If your player is not on time it takes away from the effectiveness of the team. ALWAYS call or text your team parent or coach if you will miss practice or be late. During game season, lack of attendance or consistent lateness may affect play time in game.


HYDRATE before, during and after practice! ​Get proper REST! Not enough rest affects ability and motivation.


THE FIRST THREE DAYS of practice are non-contact - NO exceptions or waivers. It is suggested players only wear Helmet, T-shirt, cleats and to bring their enthusiasm! Sounds easy, right? Nope! Players will be subjected to 2 - 3 hours a day of learning, conditioning and stretching in the sun. Players will run and then run more, perform various skill drills, and be expected to learn Football Stance, Gaps, and Cadence etc.


THE FORTH DAY AND THEREAFTER - Now the fun begins, the kids get a taste of full contact! Players will be introduced to proper blocking and tackling techniques and get a taste of knocking the snot out of each other! The drills will gradually get more intense with each following week.


This first week is often when a player will decide for themselves if football is right for them. Be respectful to your player by being supportive and encourage perseverance! For most, it's worth it to continue; for some it is not. You and your player will know what is the right decision for him/her.


When and where are the games?

-Games are on Saturdays and begin typically the Saturday before Labor Day, take a break for Labor Day weekend and continue thereafter into the end of October. Playoffs and Championships usually take place in late in early November.


Sometimes we don't receive the game schedules until very close to the 1st game. Please be patient; the schedule will be given to you as soon as it becomes available to us. Check Season Schedules or your Team page for your game schedule.


Jamboree - The Jamboree usually is the weekend prior to the 1st game. Each team plays 2 to 3 mini games against different opponents. Each game is about 10 plays on offense then defense. This is a fun event but a long day in the weather; so come prepared with lots of water, chairs, shade, protein based food, and lots of Kamiak Pride!


What is your Refund Policy?

-It is the policy of the MYS/Kamiak Youth Football that no refunds are allowed after the 1st sanctioned practice. Full refunds will be offered if cancellation is received by us either through our registration system and/or in writing before the 1st sanctioned practice and all equipment has been returned..


Volunteering -It is expected that all players volunteer at least 2-3 hours or more of your time. Please visit our Volunteering page for more information.


If registration fills up, do you have a waitlist?

-We will do our best to get your child on a team. If they are put on a wait list they may be added to an existing team. If the waitlist reaches numbers that justify adding another team, we will do just that.....pending the ability to field an additional coaching staff.


How do I care and clean players uniform?

-Uniforms should be washed immediately after each use, if at all possible. Turn garments inside out to help preserve ink printing and twill. Use only cold water for all settings of the washing machine and do not wash with other items, such as towels.







Heavily soiled garments should be pre-treated. Any of the pre-treating brands found at your grocery store will do just fine as long as it does not contain bleach. For Blood stain, soak in cold water before washing. An oxygen based laundry booster can also be used to wash garments. If possible, use a high water level to minimize mechanical action on uniforms and do not overload washer. Remove uniforms immediately after washing and HANG DRY all garments. If you must use a dryer, use a damp dry or air dry setting. The lower the setting on the dryer, the better it is for the garment. A high heat setting can cause shrinkage, cracking in the ink printing, wrinkling in the twill, etc. Overloading the dryer can cause uniforms with ink printing to stick together. Remove garments from the dryer immediately when the dryer has finished.


How do I clean the football equipment?

- You may use bleach wipes on the inside of helmet but not on the outside. Lysol spray to disinfect is okay for shoulder pads and inside of helmet. Do NOT use harsh cleaners to clean outside of helmet, soap and water is fine.

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